Friday, 9 September 2011

Sad day

Sad day today, as I have had to have one of my cats put to sleep. Sammy had been with me for over 6 years, having taken him and his mum and sister in when their owner moved into sheltered accommodation. He had kidney disease and the prognosis was not good so I took the (hard) decision that prolonging his life would have been for my benefit not his. Ironically, my first Bookatrix card was a sympathy card for a friend on the demise of her cat, earlier this year. Non pet owners often trivialise the grief we feel so I have made some cards for people who want to express sympathy at the loss of a dog or cat ( as there is not much out there).

Friday, 2 September 2011

Learning to Blog

Well here I am, in Blogspace. Always a bit late to catch up with technology! Although this blog will primarily feature cards I make, I warn you all now that I am also addicted to reading and heavily involved in akita rescue so they may crop up from time to time!